TFI is our signal fire to the modern SOF Warfighter.

We are a gathering of those who want to do it better every single day.  It is a lifestyle, it’s a feeling, a thought, an emotion – the person inside you that is never satisfied. TFI is that feeling you wake up with every day that gets you out of bed and on to the trail, into the gym, on the range or on the mat.

We represent the path to mastery in the way of the warrior and our journey is our destination.  We are the beast inside of everyone that walks to the rhythm of the war drum.

We are lifelong Special Operations Professionals on a mission to optimize the lives of our brothers.  Our idea is to stoke the fire in you through our content that ranges from workouts and editorials to our podcast and media.  We also highlight our brothers who have gone on to do great things in business and in life.

We are not a tell all “spec ops” site.  We are not here to give you an insider’s look at anything.

We are here to support psychological, physical, and tactical improvement to those who seek it.

If you identify with this; stick around and make yourself comfortable.  If not, see yourself out. We aren’t for everyone.


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