Rebuilding the Warrior – Do not try this at home

Today is Sunday, the perfect day to make change (or plan to make change… “starting tomorrow”).  I am now starting a high volume training cycle, with a High/Low/HRV methodology (I will translate shortly).  With that comes nutrition and supplementation.

Supplementation:  Do you have to supplement? No.  Do you need to supplement? Probably Not.  Will supplements help you in any way? Yes.  I have been one of those dudes who has always had some type of workout supplement on board since I was a sophomore in high-school.  I know for a fact that a lot of supplements are complete snake oil and a waste of money.  I also know that a lot of supplements only work for certain people with a specific biological makeup.  Honestly, the best thing about supplementation – to me, in general is the motivation it brings you to #D3AT (Drop Everything And Train).  Likewise, I believe the placebo effect truly exists on a certain scale.

So before I get into this, lets just put it out there… I have had bad spending habits that I am constantly working on.  When I stopped drinking, the spending got a bit out of hand.  I’ve bought so many supplements in the past that I don’t even want to think about how much I have spent on them.  It’s not something I recommend, but I am one of those guys who is always looking for the edge on training.  This was really a thing for me as I grew up in Ranger Battalion; where your ability to run fast is a large determining factor on whether or not you had any worth.  So me being a complete un-natural runner, I’ve always looked for the latest and greatest.  Unfortunately there isn’t a ton of supplementation out there that really works that well for increasing your ability to just start running fast (trust me.. it doesn’t exist and if it did, its founder would have been a private in Ranger Battalion).

Nevertheless, Im starting a pretty heavy supplementation regime, time now.  These two akward videos of me will go into detail about what I am taking and generally why.  None of this is a recommendation to others.  What I do recommend is to think about supplementation from an educated stand point, and determine whether or not it could be a good idea for YOU (I think I’m supposed to say to see your doctor first too).

I am working on my nervousness and public speaking, so you can completely tell I am nervous.  I hate it, I hate seeing myself on video, and I hate hearing my voice after it’s been recorded.  I personally think I sound like a supreme bronzed Adonis god like figure in my mind, but our podcast tells me otherwise.

Enjoy me embarrassing myself and yes I know.. This is an astronomic fuck ton of supplements.

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