2.19-20-21(ish).16 – Daily – Get back up

Jack  is churning them out!!



My training has become really disjointed lately.. just like my schedule.. It’s killing me. Im really trying to wrestle with some good programming right now, but it’s almost blocking what needs to be done. My goals and priorities started changing as I was in an 8 week “Transition period” and then almost solely went into the anaerobic domain as my ankle and left knee started flaring. These were two injuries that took me out of a very long walk once, and still rear there ugly head when they get overused.

I wasnt doing everything in the smartest fashion, as some days you just want to put it all out there. So jumping from doing months of nothing but strength and circuits, to a lot of running, really didnt help me in the long run.

This is where I ran a program into the “grave”. Instead of saying, “I need to work on my aerobic capacity”. I said, “I need to work on my running”. The difference there is in specificity. If my goals are to be a better runner, both of those “sayings” have a time and a place. To get better at running you obviously need to run. With that being said, you long term and short term training background needs to come into play when you are planning to acomplish your goals.

So being heavier than I have ever been, and doing less running in the last two years than I ever have before, the approach needs to be much smarter (now that I am also older) than just “start running”. With chronic overuse injuries at least, it’s a recipe for disaster. This is where things like a “transition period” or a “foundation” needs to be developed that can still tackle my aerobic needs, but can also give me two or so days in between runs for my joints to recover.

I also suppose some joint supplementation should get back in my regimen. Im almost out of Total Primate Care and I’m not sure if Im going back ONNIT. I am all about the brand, what they represent, and their supplements are in fact good. I think I’m just at the point with TPC, where I can dial in what I am getting out of it, what is good to have on board, and whats the real priority.



Endurance: 120 Minutes broken up between Airdyne, Rower, Ski-Erg, and Running RPE:4 Zone: 1-2 HR


Fuel: Good Carbs and Bad Carbs in the Combat World



Coffee: resized_7_11_Coffee






30 Min Pool



-2 min Pull-up
-2 min Push-up
-2 min Box Jump 18 ”
-2 min Mtn-Climbr
-2 min Squat
-2 min Burpee
-2 min Lunges
-2 min Wall Ball #25
-2 min Jump Rope
-2 min Aligator Burpee


-Deadlift 3×5 @ 90 % RPE
-Front Squat 5×5 @ 90 % RPE
-Overhead Press 5×5 @ 90 % RPE


-2 min Crunch ( C )
-2 min Crunch ( L )
-2 min Crunch ( R )
-2 min Plank ( C )
-2 min Plank ( L )
-2 min Plank ( R )
-2 min Flutter kicks
-2 min Leg Lift





Training: Finger Strength Exercises

Fuel: Ketosis and Climbing

Reading:  41yrCviCXqL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_


John logo-suasponte



1) Snatch: 7×1@95% of Monday’s Snatch Complex weight.

2) “15.1”

9 Minute AMRAP
15 Toes to Bar

10 Deadlifts 115/75#

5 Power Snatches 115/75#
Do Work…

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