2.2.16 – Daily – Rebuilding the Warrior Intro

So I want to give everyone a quick heads up on a major project we have going on right now.  We are building a team of contributors to bring you an indefinite series called, “Rebuilding The Warrior”.

Rebuilding the Warrior is our multifaceted approach to bringing “the old you” back to life.  For the most part, TFI readership is comprised of former members of SOCOM.  The former portion of that description is where this begins.  How many guys have gotten out, are in the transition process, or will soon be – who are not “what they used to be” physically and mentally.

How many of you are on medications that have changed your body physically?  You emotionally are not the same person as you once were or are meant to be.  Are you constantly feeling tired? Are you over your ideal weight? Is your motivation lacking? Where has your sex drive gone? How do you deal with post traumatic stress now, compared to before?  How is aging defining you?

How are you eating, training, sleeping and recovering?

We are here to bring you solutions to these issues.  We have teamed up with John Dill from CrossFit Sua Sponte who will be bringing us a wealth of knowledge on his end of the training spectrum; likewise what he has to offer to those in the Raleigh area of North Carolina.

We have also teamed up with Jason Smith M.D. from Ares Age Management to bring you out of any physical hole you may be dug in.  Jason works on individuals by looking at your entire blood, history, and personal profile.  He will see where your strengths and weaknesses are and put you on the path to getting your life back, the way you want to live it.  Jason works through training, nutrition, supplementation, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Jason is a former Special Forces medic turned full blown doctor who now works with SOCOM and ARES to bring us back into the fight whether that is literally or in daily life.

ARES is not the locker room pharmacist doling out PEDs for team guys to compete with Jersey Shore club goers.

ARES works with Legal and pharmaceutical Hormone Replacement Therapy amongst other holistic approaches and is able to do this under the cost of monthly jump pay through the Rebuilding the Warrior series and TFI.

Be on the lookout for further information; however, if you want to get started with a personal inquiry to see if ARES is right for you – contact either Pete or Myself through the contact page, or leave a comment and we can get you to the objective.

If you are in the Raleigh area and want to get yourself into primo shape check out John’s daily at the bottom… 8×500 lbs.. no big d

We are here to bring your solutions to problems, not bullshit.  Rob out –




1. Warmup:
– Crossover Symmetry Activation Protocol
– 500m SkiErg
– 50 Cals on Airdyne

2. Strength:
Shoulder Press (Work up to a daily “max” ..basically just hitting a heavy weight that you aren’t really going to pursue further into the PR 1rm category)

– 10×2 Shoulder Press (2:00 Rest)

3. Conditioning
For time:
SkiErg 1.5K
15 Burpees
SkiErg 1K
10 Burpees
SkiErg 500m
5 Burpees


Fuel: Nutrient Timing for Optimal Performance

Supplements: Total Primate Care, Alpha Brain, DigesTech, T+,Shroom Tech Sport – All by ONNIT

PR3 Organic Rice Protein – Pure Pharma

Coffee: Portland Roasting Company – French Roast, Single Sourced 

Reading: Empire of the Summer Moon – by S.C. Gwyen




-30 min Cyclodyne
-10 min Jump Rope
-10 min Foam Roller

-2 min Burpee AMRAP
-2 min Pull-up AMRAP
-2 min Push-up AMRAP
-2 min Mtn-Climbr AMRAP
-2 min Spring Jump AMRAP
(Max Effort w/20-30 sec rest between exercises)

-Squat 5×5 @ 70% RPE
-Bench Press 5×5 @ 70%RPE
-Bent Rows 5×5 @ 70%RPE

-2 min Ab Roller
-2 min Flutter kicks
-2 min Crunch (C)
-2 min Crunch (R)
-2 min Crunch (L)
-2 min TGU w/ 25#DB
(Max effort)

-2 min Plank (C)
-2 min Plank (L)
-2 min Plank (R)
-10 min StretchingSupplements:

Orange Triad – Controlled Labs Multi-vitamin with digestion aids, and a solid joint complex

Flow – Progenex  Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein (let that sink in).  This is tropical flavored protein from Salmon.  Feel free to ask the questions if you haven’t heard of it and are intrigued.  Its pretty pricey.

Perpetuem – Hammer Nutrition Fuel for Endurance efforts

Training: Strong Lifts

Coffee: Kona Blue with MCT Oil

Fuel:  Vegetarian Protein

John CrossFit Sua Sponte

John Dill – Deadlift – 500lbs x 8 from CrossFit Sua Sponte on Vimeo.


1) Establsih a 1RM Clean and Jerk.

2) “Diane”


Deadlifts 225/155#


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