2.1.16 – Daily – Vacancy for Improvement


1. Warmup: Burgener Warm-up (with Barbell)

2. Strength

10 x 10 Clean and Jerk

3. Conditioning (as seen from yesterday at http://www.crossfit.com)


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
15-ft rope climb, 1 ascent
5 burpees
200-meter run

If you’ve got a 20-lb. vest or body armor, wear it.


Fuel: PSMF

Supplements: Total Primate Care, Alpha Brain, DigesTech, T+,Shroom Tech Sport – All by ONNIT

PR3 Organic Rice Protein – Pure Pharma

Coffee: Portland Roasting Company – French Roast, Single Sourced 

Reading: Empire of the Summer Moon – by S.C. Gwyen



Warm up
-30 min Treadmill
-10 min Jump Rope
-10 min Heavy Bag
-10-15 min Foam Roller
Dynamic Movement

(3 Rounds)
-Tire Flips 150# × 10 (Approx 50 meters)
-Sledgehammer Tire Smash #35 Sledge × 20 ea side
-50 meter Sprint w/50# Sandbag
-20 Burpee
-AMRAP Push-up
-AMRAP Pull-up
-50 meter Bearcrawl (Back to tire)
Rest 2-3 mins between Rounds

– Clean & Jerk 5×2+1 @90% RPE
-Clean & Pull 3×3@90% RPE
-Back Squat 3×5@90%RPE

(5 Rounds)
-Side Crunch (R) AMRAP in 60 seconds
-Center Crunch w/legs elevated AMRAP in 60 seconds
-Side Crunch (L) AMRAP in 60 seconds
-Bicycles for 60 seconds
-Flutter kicks for 60 seconds
-Front Plank 60 seconds
-Side Plank (R) 60 seconds
-Side Plank (L) 60 seconds

Cool down (Make Post Work Out Shake while checking http://www.theflameinternal.com for killer content)


Orange Triad – Controlled Labs Multi-vitamin with digestion aids, and a solid joint complex

Flow – Progenex  Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein (let that sink in).  This is tropical flavored protein from Salmon.  Feel free to ask the questions if you haven’t heard of it and are intrigued.  Its pretty pricey.

Perpetuem – Hammer Nutrition Fuel for Endurance efforts

-Souls of weaker men
-Sea Monkeys 3 pks
-Mexican Adrenalchrome


Coffee: Valhalla Java – Odinforce Blend w/Coconut Oil (unrefined cold pressed)

Fuel: Nutrition for strength Performance

Reading: The Poetic Edda
– Free Download here http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/poe/

John CrossFit Sua Sponte

What an awesome weekend! I honestly don’t know where to start! I could not be more proud of all of our athletes who competed this weekend. Every single one of them laid it all on the line for every event and represented our gym and community to the fullest! Our volunteers and Judges were also nothing short of amazing. I never could have imagined the event running so smoothly and properly and we owe that 100% to those who gave their time and effort this weekend. It goes to show that when you surround yourself with awesome people awesome things happen! Thank you all! It means more than you know.

The quiet before the storm…


1) Establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) “Fran”


Thrusters 95/65#


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