1.23.16 – Daily -Squash the beef

Joey Diaz is hilarious and reminds me of my old roommate/Grandfather/Grandfather’s friends… Listen to at least the first five minutes of this show (after advertisements)


1. Warmup:
10 Pullups
10 Pushups
10 Abmat Situps
10 Good Mornings
10 OHS
100 Single / 50 Double (Jump Rope)

2. Structural Work
– 2x :30sec on/:30sec off Dumbbell Push Press with 2x 10# Dumbbells (Rest Position is with Dumbbells are overhead, ensure to hold for the last rest period)
– 2x :30sec on/:30sec off air squat (rest is in the Squat position, heels kept on the ground, ensure to hold for the last rest period)
– 3×3 Single Leg Deadlift

3. Strength
– Work up to a (daily) 3RM Deadlift
5×3 Deadlift

4. Rowling (with a partner makes this funner)
– On a rower you will do 10 Rounds of rowing 100m. Your goal is to hit 100m exactly each round. However many meters you do over 100m you do 1 Pushup per meter. However many meters you go under 100m you do 1 setup per meter. So in like bowling, a strike is essentially rowing exactly 100m. For scoring purposes the amount of meters above or below is considered the round score. The goal is to have the least amount of points at the end of the game. If you do this alone, then the fun factor is gone and you should just barrel through it.


Fuel: I want to try this really badly

Supplements: Total Primate Care, Alpha Brain, DigesTech, T+,Shroom Tech Sport – All by ONNIT

PR3 Organic Rice Protein – Pure Pharma

Coffee: Portland Roasting Company – French Roast, Single Sourced 

Reading: Empire of the Summer Moon – by S.C. Gwyen



Prepare to crossover…

Warm up: 20 mins jump rope

– Bench Press (flat) 50% 1RM for 100 reps
(One Rep with perfect form. Re-rack. Repeat 99 more times)

Cool Down: Cry for 10 mins


Orange Triad – Controlled Labs Multi-vitamin with digestion aids, and a solid joint complex

Flow – Progenex  Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein (let that sink in).  This is tropical flavored protein from Salmon.  Feel free to ask the questions if you haven’t heard of it and are intrigued.  Its pretty pricey.

Perpetuem – Hammer Nutrition Fuel for Endurance efforts

– Spiz Whey Pure Protein (unflavored)
-Advocare Mass Gain

Training: Behind 300 with Mark Twight and Gym Jones

Coffee: Viking Death Brew

Fuel: Whatever I can catch running by or want….it’s Saturday!

John CrossFit Sua Sponte

Ice Storm WOD.


10 Minute AMRAP:

5 V ups

10 Push Ups

20 Air Squats

* First 5 video submissions, onto the CFSS Homies Facebook page, of the WOD completed outside in the snow/ice win a free Sua Sponte T-Shirt of their choice. The video must be posted after 6 am. If you’re not already a member please send us a request.
Good Luck and Stay Warm

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