1.22.16 – Daily – No Way Out

So, I’ve written and deleted a few things so far just starting this morning’s post off.  I started going nowhere about how I hated the winter but then ultimately realized I didn’t have a tie in to anything… I think I’ll still post it though.  That was time of my life I wasted right there!

I will say two things that I have noticed in the past few days that have been pretty awesome.  The first has to do with my shoulder.  A few days ago I really hurt it when I chased my dog for about a mile and a half outside because he thinks it’s just hilarious to run after cars and stroll around the neighborhood as his dad chases him.  So there I am in the back of someones yard and I am now stalking him in the woods (my dog, not the other dude I stalk) and I get close enough to him that I think a good dive and grab will catch him (it has been shown to be a very effective move lately).  So I dive, my hand grabs his back (trying to grab a hold of his fat pug rolls) and he slithers out.  I knocked them wind out of myself, but really did something wicked to my shoulder.  I must have slightly torn a muscle or something.  Then I caught him in a thicket and we had a nice talk as I walked another mile back to my house (waving at the entire neighborhood who was embarrassed for me).  Since then my shoulder has been killing me.  I can hardly raise it laterally.  I say hardly because I know the musculature around the affected area kicks in the aid its movement.  So I look up some stuff that Kelly Starett has out for “pulled muscles” (trying to sift through mobility work which I don’t think this situation calls for) and I see that he recommended fast contractile force to aid in therapy.  This same article had his first advice be to ice the area which sounds normal, but he has had a strong anti-icing message lately so it seemed a bit outdated.  Nevertheless I broke out the Marc Pro that I have owned for a little over a year now.  It has been the absolute best thing for pain management and restoration for my shoulder I could have ever imagined.

Prior to this I somewhat thought the Marc Pro (more familiar to people as a TENS machine) was really an just an over-hyped and expensive device that had very little (if any benefit).  The only other time it had done some miraculous work was when my back was in the worst way after moving.  I plugged it in at the time and it really knocked the pain out of the park.  Im still moving my shoulder around right now in awe of how much just a few minutes of using it has worked this morning.  The only downside I see is that it isn’t permanent restoration. So if I went back to sleep for a few hours, I would wake up and the same mobility issues from before would be there.  So I’m pretty pumped that I have this on hand.

The second positive thing I really have to note is one on obvious progress.  My wife got me a youth (yes for children) boxing/mma speed bag that attaches to a door frame.  It is by no means anywhere near what you would see in a boxing gym or any gym for that matter, but nevertheless requires the same hand/eye/rhythm coordination that any speed bag would.  In fact this one may be more difficult because it is so poorly constructed that if you hit it incorrectly it stops or rattles so much that everything is thrown off.  This little margin for error, I think is a good thing as it forces you to really bring your “A” game.

Anyway, when I first got it – I was just like anyone who has never used a speed bag before.  Punch….wait…wait.. Punch…..wait….wait..nope.. wait… Punch.. To where now Im pretty sure I would fool anyone who doesn’t know much about a speed bag into thinking “Rob’s a baller on the speed bag”.  I have it mounted on the door going out to the garage just next to the laundry room.  So whenever I go out to the garage I’ll spend a few minutes on it.  So multiply that by 5-10 times a day over about two weeks and yes, you should improve by doing that, but to me, working the speed bag is such a cool looking thing I get pumped about it pretty easily.  I’m sure if my mom was around she would be pretty impressed, my wife is just more impressed when I take out the trash to be honest.  If you knew her you’d laugh because you know Im right.


1. Warm-up: 10 Minutes Jump Rope
2. Road Work: 1 Mile Warm-up Jog
3. Bodyweight: Accumulate 50 reps of:
4. 3x 6 Way Barbell Complex (75#,85#,95#)
Hang Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
5. 30-20-10
Ring Push-up
6. 10 Minute Cool-Down e.g, Row, Run, Airdyne etc.


Fuel: If you really have had enough of people and their ridiculous food allergies.. check out what ultimately lead me away from Paleo… Nightshades.. I literally just gave up and said I did well when I ate sensibly

Supplements: Total Primate Care, Alpha Brain, DigesTech, T+,Shroom Tech Sport – All by ONNIT

PR3 Organic Rice Protein – Pure Pharma

Coffee: Portland Roasting Company – French Roast, Single Sourced 

Reading: Empire of the Summer Moon – by S.C. Gwyen Savages… just brutal savages.. Really good book.



666 NUMBER Of The Beast
(Round one)
6 reps each w/o setting barbell down. Weighted according to your capability.
-Overhead Squat
-Good Morning
-Row (Back Parallel to Floor)
(2 Sets w/2-3 min rest between)
6 x Weighted Lunge w/BB @40%1RM (back squat)
6 x Weighted Step-ups 30#DB’s/ 10″step
6 x Split Jump
(6 sets w/2-3 mins between sets)
20/1 Push-UP to Burpee slide (20 PU then 1 B, 19 PU then 2 B, down to 1 PU/20 B)
– Cool down/Stretch 15-20 mins…


Orange Triad – Controlled Labs Multi-vitamin with digestion aids, and a solid joint complex

Flow – Progenex  Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein (let that sink in).  This is tropical flavored protein from Salmon.  Feel free to ask the questions if you haven’t heard of it and are intrigued.  Its pretty pricey.

Perpetuem – Hammer Nutrition Fuel for Endurance efforts

– Spiz Whey Pure Protein (unflavored)
-Advocare Mass Gain

Training Essay: Rifle to Handgun Transition Drill – Kyle Lamb

Coffee:  Laird Superfood – MCT Oil, Blended and served

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