Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC)

Overview: The Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC) is one of those pieces of gear that in a way, commands respect. This appeal is generally brought on by the understanding that the professionals who utilize this piece of gear “are the real deal”. It could be argued that the JPC is one of the most sought after plate carriers of it’s kind on the market. This can easily be shown by looking at the Crye Precision website and seeing that it has a lead time of about 12-16 weeks.

I have owned mine for just under three years now and acquired it through a trade with a friend. I say this for the reader to keep in mind that mine was already used to a degree before I got my hands on it. This is a good thing for of a review in terms of longevity and durability; however I cannot give an “out of the box” review straight from the manufacturer/distributor.

With the knowledge that Crye Precision is known to produce quality material, I did not have questions or doubts about the fabric, materials or proper stitching. My initial concerns with it (prior to seeing it in person) were two-fold. The first issue I primarily was concerned with was with the JPC’s acceptance in the Special Forces community. Like I previously stated I acquired this piece of gear while it was still relatively “new” on the market. It was not commonly seen worn in the teams at the time. The large portion of guys tend to stick with what is issued; however there are still a number of guys; like myself, who purchase all of their own gear. There is generally no problem with this in SF as long as your gear isn’t ridiculous or purposeless. There are still Sergeant Majorisms that exist in the community though, so with this new design I was hesitant on when I could wear it and when I couldn’t. The most obvious times that it cannot be worn are during training events where soft armor is a requirement. This concern and my second laid solely on the JPCs patented cummerbund. I wasn’t sure how durable and solid it was, if it could hold onto mag pouches (with fully loaded magazines), a radio pouch, GP pouches etc. without sagging or drooping. I was really under the impression I would at least have to buy the “JPC Long side Armor Pouch Set” just to cover the openings in the panels and be able to support the external weight I was intending on carrying.

Company’s Description: The Jumpable Plate Carrier™ (JPC) is a lightweight and minimal vest designed for maximum mobility, weight savings, and packability. At just over one pound for the entire carrier, the JPC™ offers a variety of configuration options to suit an operator’s needs in terms of load carriage and comfort. It features our Skeletal™ cummerbund system with our patented integrated attachment system that allows pouches to be mounted on both the inside and outside of the cummerbund, shedding unnecessary weight and bulk while improving ventilation. It also features integrated admin and magazine pouches on the front of the carrier. Sizes are based on the size of the ballistic plate. For example, a large plate will fit best in a large JPC™. Made in the US from US materials.


Initial Review: As I previously said, I received the JPC used from a friend. We made our exchange at work as he came over to my team room. It was obviously not new in it’s packaging, but I can easily say I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had never been worn because it looked brand new. The size I received and that has fit me through the years has been a large. This is another thing to note as I and many others who live a “deploy, return and quickly deploy again” lifestyle go through times of weight fluctuation. It is common to see as deployments are good times to have a focused training regimen, or they are so harsh and take such a toll that you lose a lot of weight without any artificial training going on. So despite fluctuations of 10-30 lbs since owning it (muscle weighs more than fat people) – it has never strayed from a proper fit.

In terms of bouncing the on hand product with the companies description, I’d have to say that no observations were made. Crye Precision does not make any outlandish claims and any claims the company does make, it lives up to (in my experience).

I was not acquiring the gear to specifically do a review so some things may seem overlooked. A good example of this would be with this specific piece of gear itself. Total weight for each size is displayed on the company’s website and is a good thing to check off the bat (in terms of a review at least).

Ounces equal pounds when moving long distances and the light weight attribute of this gear is probably one of the most fundamental reasons to own this piece of equipment. It is in fact designed to be jumped with and that is also a primary reason for the light weight. Consumers should be advised that the displayed weights are solely the weight of the JPC without plates and attachments. I know this may seem obvious, but what may be obvious for you and I may not be to all who are interested in it’s purchase.



  • After putting plates in the JPC I tried it on and ensured that it fit to my body correctly with the back adjustment cord. – Easy adjustment/ No issues
  • I put empty magazines in the JPCs built in mag pouches to get a feel of their transition and capacity. – No issues
  • I checked the built in admin pouch for any deficiencies and to view it’s size – No issues

Initial thoughts: “I am now the god of war”… No, but seriously my first thought was about how comfortable it was. The shoulder straps really make this piece of equipment somewhat of a luxury item. In some of my past deployments we would cut out pieces of foam whether it be memory foam, the stuff in Pelican cases, or a thicker option – in order to rig the shoulder straps of issued plate carriers for better comfort during long missions under a heavy load. Like ruck sacks, after hours and hours of being in heavy kit, shoulder straps begin to feel like metal wires on your traps. Issued additional padding that comes in these systems does little to nothing, but this plate carrier; I believe was built with that in mind.

Then I checked the cummerbund by hand and by attaching a magazine pouch with two magazines in it. This was the area of my initial concerns and was pleased to note that it is built extremely well and durable. It is inevitably not as strong as a traditional thick cummerbund, but not by much in terms of it’s ability to carry a heavier load. Their will be more flexibility in the cummerbund itself when gear is attached to it and the flaps are not secured to the front panel (when laying on the ground or being loaded by hand. The user should ensure that the JPC’s cummerbund is stored as worn and not with the side panels (cummerbund) unattached. This will cause unnecessary wear and tear to any body armor and the JPC is no exception.



If the user shows any concern with the look of the open design cummerbund, this can easily be covered with additional pouches and the side panel purchase is not needed unless the owner does in fact desire side plated armor.

Any sag or droopiness in the side panels while gear is attached can be noted when the equipment is not worn. When it is worn this goes away as the side panels fit to the users body which act as leverage to keep the equipment upright.

I was pleased with the trade at this point and had absolutely zero concerns with the product after my initial check. My initial concerns had faded away and I firmly believed this was going to be my kit of choice for consistent use (unless conditions otherwise demanded something else).



Overall Review Scale
1 – Awful   2 – Not Pleased   3 – Indifferent   4 – Very Pleased    5 – Outstanding

**Anything under a score of 5 will be explained**

Visual Appeal: 5

Functionality: 5

Weight: 5

Durability: 5

Cost: 3**

Comfort: 5

Overall: 28/30

** The price point for the JPC is $248.00 on the Crye Precision website. I don’t personally see this as breaking the bank, but in comparison to other well known plate carriers; this is costly. I also look at this with the knowledge that purchasing gear from Crye Precision in general is not for the frugal consumer. Those who purchase Crye Precision gear understand that it is an investment in themselves. I use the word indifferent very specifically as I am not upset or deterred about the price; rather it is simply just expected. I would honestly be more upset about the lead time than anything else. Unlike traditional clothing where more material equals a higher expense, in the tactical realm weight is a huge factor. This leads to a higher cost in the specific material used to develop lighter weight gear that is functional and durable.

Since acquiring the JPC, I have spent numerous hours in this plate carrier and have never been let down. If this was not my own personal gear I would be happy to run it through a more thorough durability test to include complete submersion in water, exposure to flames, and a much more rigorous field testing.

My JPC and I are still the best of friends to this day although he sees much less use. I normally have him in my office for small talk, or keep him in the garage for a weight bearing workout.



One comment

  • I fielded these Rigs in 2012 and loved them. They fit snug and don’t bounce when you are on the move. The cumber bun accessories and all around accessories you can add to this “Rig” are amazing by Crye Precision. They do offer a kit that comes with a sub belt attachment. Overall great rig, great comfort, and unlike the old school velcro and nylon shoulder straps, the new material prevents friction and rubbing on your neck . Great article on this, great read, great product.

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