1.16.16 – Daily – Scattered and Scorn



1.5 Rounds of:
8 reps bench press @ BW +
8 ring dips +
8 sit-throughs +
8 banded tricep pushdowns
5 DHPU +
10 cal ski-erg all-out sprint

2. 4×2 Deadlift @ 2RM
3. 4×2 Pendlay Row (Heavy w/o Compromising Form)
4. 5k Row


Fuel: Optimal Meal Frequency

Supplements: Total Primate Care, Alpha Brain, DigesTech, T+,Shroom Tech Sport – All by ONNIT

Omega 2x – Nordic Naturals

Coffee: Portland Roasting Company – French Roast, Single Sourced 

Reading: Empire of the Summer Moon – by S.C. Gwyen



Outside Motherfuckers
(5 Rounds)
-10 150# Tire Flip to 10 Dead Hang Pull-up
-10 150# Tire Flip to 20 (each side) 15#Sledgehammer strikes on tire
(5 Rounds)
– Bearcrawl 50ft to 20 wall touch Push-ups; Crabwalk back 50 ft to 20 Turkish Get-up (using 15# sledgehammer)
Inside Motherfuckers
(5 Rounds)
– 3× Deadlift 90-95 %1RM
– 3x Flatbench 90-95 %1RM
-3× Squat ATF 90-95 %1RM


Orange Triad – Controlled Labs Multi-vitamin with digestion aids, and a solid joint complex

Flow – Progenex  Hydrolyzed Salmon Protein (let that sink in).  This is tropical flavored protein from Salmon.  Feel free to ask the questions if you haven’t heard of it and are intrigued.  Its pretty pricey.

Perpetuem – Hammer Nutrition Fuel for Endurance efforts

– Spiz Whey Pure Protein (unflavored)
-Advocare Mass Gain
– 3 Packets of Sea Monkeys
– Smuggled Mexican AdrenalchromePBN’s proprietary blend ** This is a mixture of my own ingredients.

Training Essay: The Iron and the Soul

Coffee: Laird Superfood – MCT Oil, Blended and served

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