1.12.16 – Daily – SOF over SOFT

Dino and his shorty hollering at cha boys

Im keeping the usual daily format.  I wanted to do some better content management, but I have to think about time management.  I like writing these posts and breaking it up takes up a lot of time and keeps me behind the screen a lot longer than I want to be.  Likewise, it makes one or the other section a bit more boring in my opinion.  This section will simply come up under the daily tabs of Physical and Lifestyle.

Anyway – lets get to it.  I’ll let Pete go first



1. (5 Rounds)
3 × Deadlift @ 90-95% 1RM -to- 6 × Depth Jumps (24″ box) Recover 4min

2. (5 Rounds)
3 × Weighted Pull-up 90-95% 1RM -to- 20 × Plyo Pushup (Recover 4min)

3. (5 Rounds)
* 3 × Flat Bench 90-95% 1RM -to- 20 × Wallballs 20# (Recover 4 mins)

4. (3 Rounds)
* 20 × Turkish Get ups 25#KB

Fuel: Vegetarian Proteins

Reading:The Portable Jung by Carl G. Jung

Coffee: Shawn’s HVT Roast (Yemen beans) A special blend sent by a traveling SOF coffee Aficionado – imports the beens, roasts them, and I get amazing coffee through him.  That’s some G-14 classified shit though so I shouldn’t even really be talking about this…





Endurance: 3 Hours of one continuous low – no impact movement (Bike, Row, Swim, you can even do some Elliptical if it’s calling your name)

Fuel: catabolism or cannibalism


Total Primate Care by ONNIT (pretty much a little bit of everything they have in two daily packs)

Alpha Brain by ONNIT

T+ Stimulant Free Pre-Workout by ONNIT

PR3 Organic Rice Protein by Pure Pharma

Coffee: Sabertooth Roast by Caveman Coffee

Reading: Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne

Mobility of the Day: Navicular Bone Drop


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