Range 15, RIP, and Sicario – with Vincent “Rocco” Vargas


I (Rob) had the chance to sit down and talk with Vincent “Rocco” Vargas from Article 15 Clothing. Rocco and I went to the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP) together in early 2004, so bare with some humorous stories (even if we only find them funny).

We had a chance to talk about Rocco’s life before the Army, his time in the 75th Ranger Regiment, and all of the projects he’s doing now with Article 15. Rocco is an amazing personality and is the type of guy everyone loves to be around.

This is a chance to get to know the personality behind the camera, behind the whiskey, and behind the veteran humor (a little bit). Rocco and I also discuss matters relating to young guys who may want to join the military and go into a Special Operations unit.

This is definitely an episode you don’t want to miss!


For those who are interested in Rocco’s article about becoming an Army Ranger check out his article here.

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