Roughneck Firearms

Knowledge. Passion . Attention to Detail . Quality People .Quality Material


Amongst other subjects TFI is passionate about, quality gear and our brotherhood are at the top of the list.  When these two subjects collide we could not be more proud than to feature them to the masses.  This is where Roughneck firearms comes into the picture.  The bottom line up front is that Roughneck is putting out some of the best custom rifles on the market.


Based out of Crosby Texas, Roughneck specializes in handmade custom work.  These are hands down some of the finest quality rifles we’ve put our hands on, period. Dustin Purvis (owner) has an amazing team in Roughneck and they are producing an extremely loyal customer base that recognizes quality.  These are the types of rifles that require a support group just to stop looking at them, cleaning them, holding them… Just… yeah.. “Hello, my name is Rob and I struggle with Roughneck Rifle addiction”. (Group responds, “Hi Rob”).

Here is Dustin and Dino (from our other-brothers at Ready Room Graphx) driving the guns and burning it down!



If you’re in the market for a rifle or if you foresee that you will be in the future – I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to the Roughneck team.  You can visit their main site at and be sure to like their Facebook page (and ours if you haven’t) here at


One comment

  • You guys Tock.I hope I can hit the price point one day.Any thing that has Andy’s endorsement carries ultimate weight with me.Keep up the good work.One suggestion is to put an entry level good defensive offensive system together for some of is in lower income bracket or a senior disabled guy like me.It is a forgotten market of able and willing warriors who CAN’T run and must stand and WILL stand in the fight so our Brothers can fight and train othets.Respect Honor Brotherly Love.Get Some!

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