Brotherhood Spotlight – Greg Coker in Tactical-Life Magazine

We are always proud when we see our brothers receiving credit where credit is due.  This especially rings true with Greg Coker of Shield 91. Greg is a 20 year veteran of the US Army; where he spent 15 of those years as an AH-6 Little Bird pilot in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR).  Greg has also maintained a respected status as a highly skilled shooter throughout the years and now combines his efforts with Shield 91.


Greg is widely known for two of his main efforts; the first being Helicopter Aerial Rifle Marksmanship (HARM) training and the second being his “Not on My Watch” (NOMW) campaign that promotes and trains University and School district personnel on weapons safety & handling, threat assessment, and survivability techniques.

Greg was recently highlighted in Tactical-Life magazine for one of his recent HARM training classes he conducted off site in Park City, Kentucky.  We encourage you to read the article here.

The article is definitely worth the read as it gives you a good feeling of what Greg offers in knowledge and application.  Just by reading the article you develop a good sense of Greg’s emphasis behind the importance of shooter – pilot communication and how this relationship is vital to effective shot placement.


Check out some of Greg’s videos that give you a fly on the wall’s perspective behind the gun and in the aircraft.  **There is definitely something to be said about a video that gets your adrenaline pumping based solely on content and not production value. 


  • Proud to call Greg and Tony my friend. They are great patriots and men of character and integrity. I feel very privileged to have been able to participate in the KSP event and write the articles to share with the readers my experience.

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