1.8.16 – Daily – Beneath the Surface

This is a picture of PBN controlling some lightning the other day.  I have no problem with him doing lightning tricks, but he always kills me with his leather pants.  I guess it’s a biker thing, but put your shirt on old man.  He said it had something to do with catching fire.. I think it was because I had the camera out personally…

More importantly though… TFI is back and were stronger than ever.  We have a lot in store and it’s going to be legit.  That’s all I can really say because our R&D has shit so locked down and secret, we make Apple look like a lemonade stand.

The holidays are officially over and New Year’s resolutions are in full effect.  We are finally graced with the presence of the biggest loser again.  Two words on that: Thank God.  Nothing better than watching your neighborhood fatty get yelled at while there dying through a workout.  I’ll be serious though, when my wife has that show on I don’t start my daily lecture about the mindless TV she watches.  Every other show she watches should just be called, “Fucked Up Lives” or “Bitches Who Argue”.

Anyway- Lets get after it.  My dream of giving out options has finally arrived.  So above each training option will be who is doing what –


John of CrossFit Sua Sponte

  1. Establish a 3rm Power Snatch as a cluster.
  2. “Elizabeth” for time:  21-15-9 reps of:

Clean 135 lbs/ 95lbs
Ring Dips
Do Work…


  1. 20 Min Stretching
  2. 45 min running at 80%
  3. 10 min stretching
  4. 25 pull ups (until done)
    50 Burpees
    15 snatches (weight appropriate )
    50 Jumper Burpees
    15 deadlift
    25 pull ups
  5. – Abs-
    100 4ct flutter kicks
    100 crunch
    100 hello dolly
    100 side crunch (each side)
    100 flutter kick
    60 sec front plank (X5)
    60 sec side (R) (X5)
    60 sec side (L) (X5)
  6. Stretch for 10 min


1. 10 Min Jump Rope
2. 1 Mile Jog, Stretch

50 of each, broken up however you wish:

1. 4×2 Weighted Pull-ups (Use your current 2RM)
2. Front Squat (Work up in reps + weight)
5×2 @ 80%1RM

– Turkish Get-ups (12=6 ea. Arm .. etc) (25#-35#)
25m Sprint
– Kettle bell Swing @70 lbs (Across)
25m Sprint
– Bench @ 135-135-185-185-205-225
:30 secs on the Finger Board


Fuel: Intermittent Fasting 101

Supplements: Total Primate Care, T+, and Alpha Brain by ONNIT

Coffee: Bulletproof Coffee (link- How to Make) with Cacao Butter and Cinnamon

Reading: “A Night in the Pech Valley” by Grant McGarry


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