12.9.15 – Daily – Bearing the plague

So whats up with my titles?  If you’ve followed me from the beginning or just peruse the site you will see when and where I’ve changed approaches, formats, training style, wording etc.  I’m warming into this but I also dedicate my life to the pursuit of mastery.  In terms of this site, it’s purpose, it’s end-state and it’s quality; in my opinion should always be evolving.

With that said, I look at this and a lot of things in life as an art form.  As you will start seeing other contributors posting their routines – you will see where styles differ.  I completely look at programming physical training as an art form; I thoroughly enjoy the process. So my titles are intended to capture a thought, feeling, or emotion behind the writing.  I think of it like a band would think of naming a song.

It’s obvious that my musical influence comes from the punk/hardcore scene.  I say this because a common occurrence is a song title that almost has nothing to do with the song’s content.  As you can probably tell; with the exception of this explanation, I’m not here directly or literally discussing plagues or something to do with bearing them.

Indirectly, that is up to interpretation.  I have my own, and as you stay with The Flame Internal I believe these titles will form a common bond that is clearly seen.

Workout: Stamina (Keep in mind that I am on the second week of a transition phase.  Again this is preparing to prepare.  With that in mind while certain aspects are being periodized; we are also loading up workouts with different end-states.  Hypertrophy (Training to build muscle), Strength, Stamina, Endurance.  This is to set a base and is not directed at specificity.  In the transition phase of training there is a lot of carry-over.  Specifically in aerobic/cardiovascular areas for those without a lot of specificity in the training background.

What I mean by this is that in this phase, if you qualify (are less experienced or have become pretty out of shape) aerobic efforts like cycling and swimming will have a decent carry-over to running.  As you progress, the carry over diminishes and the specific movement is what needs to be honed.

Warm-up: 10 minutes Jumping Rope
Road Work: 20 minute run (RPE: 3) Zone 1 Heart rate
Bodyweight: Cumulate 100 reps of Squats, Pull-ups, Push-ups, and sit ups.  Vary the positions and styles of each from each day.

5:00 Rest

Work: 250 Ball Slams for time  (RPE: 7, You have to do 250 of these things.  It’s probably not the best idea to be redlining on your 15th rep. (Keep form in mind.  While this isn’t the most technical movement – it can be easy to tweak something when picking the Ball back up and getting it overhead.  Pay attention to your posture; specifically being attentive to not rounding your back)

Cool-down: Jump Rope, Jog, Stretch

Fuel:  A bit on dieting – I do not think there is a one size fits all approach to how you should eat.  This is obvious in a world where people have food allergies etc, but also in what method or methods are optimal for the individual to see the results they want.  This can be in either gaining muscle, losing fat, or to fuel optimal performance.  I have had times in my life where I was buying what others were selling and at different periods, kept different – narrow minded – approaches to diets and optimal nutrition.

As an example, the Paleo diet is a very popular thing these days.  There is no shortage of paleo diet followers, protectors, and vigilantes.  I personally think it is a great general outlook on preferred food types, but do not believe that there is a one size fits all approach to anything, especially individual nutrition.

Personally I have always thrived on the six smaller meals a day approach.  The main reason why I believe this is optimal for me is because it keeps me from getting hungry.  When I’m hungry I tend to eat whatever is in my way.  When I’m not, but know I should consume something at 8:00 am – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm – and 8:00 Pm (alarms on my phone) I make wise choices.  It’s as simple as that for me.  There are studies that say it is good for your metabolism etc; great – but the aforementioned reason is why it works for me.

I’ve tried a ton of methods; Paleo, Intermittent fasting, The Warrior Diet, training to eat what I want, etc.  I even went about a month on nothing but vegetables and protein shakes.  I lost a lot of weight doing that… a lot, but it was miserable and not sustainable whatsoever.

This isn’t to say I won’t try anything else again though.  Im actually approaching it a bit differently now by possibly changing it each day.  I just listened to a great episode of The School of Greatness podcast (Lewis Howes) with Yuri Elkaim.  Yuri is coming out with a book that releases on December 22 (that I’ve already pre-ordered) called, “The all day Fat burning diet”.  It sounds like another gimmicky fad diet, but his explanation and background came off pretty solid and I figure I might give it a go.  The premise of the book goes like this:

The 5 Day Food Cycling Formula

Day 1 – Low Carb Day

Day 2 – 1-Day Feast

Day 3 – 1-Day Fast

Day 4 – Regular Calorie

Day 5 – Low Calorie

So I figure today I’ll drop some calories and kind of go like yesterday was day 4.  It’s my life – I do what I want.  Judge me – go ahead.

Post Workout: Shake: Large handful of Spinach, two scoops of Tropical Vanilla Progenex Recovery, 1 apple, about 1/4 cup of blueberries, Coconut Water, a few Ice cubes

Breakfast: N/a (Using the PWO shake as breakfast)

Mid-Morning: Balance Bar

Lunch: Grilled Chicken, Spinach, red, yellow, and green Bell peppers, light on the Olive oil, and Pomegranate Balsamic Vinagerrette

Mid-Day: Nada

Dinner: Another light chicken salad


ONNIT – Total Primate Care (I’m in love)
ONNIT – Alpha Brain
Recovery – Progenex
Fish Oil – Nordic Naturals


Coffee: I had some Guatemalan “single origin” grocery store Starbucks.. It’s okay, but still looking forward to my Villa Myriam shipment

Reading: The Book of Five Rings Minamoto Musashi

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