Defy in Delight

Since my domestication five years ago I’ve done a few wood projects for the pants in the family.  Even more so I’ve built more explosive breaching and demolition charges than I can remember; all requiring the use of precise measurements.  This means I’ve used a tape measure more than a few times.  So today (thanks to Jay’s mad social media sharing abilities) I come across this:

If you knew about these things already, congratulate yourself… but shut-up about it because no one cares.

Anyway, let’s get into it.. before I get told to do more Christmas lighting

Work: Hypertrophy (Old School)

Warm-up: Jump Rope for 10 Minutes (literally set a timer and work on and off for 10 minutes accelerating your heart rate)

Road Work: 20 Minutes RPE 1-3/ Zone 1 HR

REST 5:00 – Move, Stretch, Mobilize

  1. Flat Bench 5 Sets – Reps of 12,12,10,10,8 (Rest 2:00)
  2. Inclined Bench 5 Sets – 12,12,10,10,8 (Rest 2:00)
  3. Declined Flys 5 Sets – 10,10,10,10,10 (rest 2:00)
  4. SkiErg (or Sledge Hammer to a tire) 6 Sets of 100m (or 12 intense Swings) (RPE 10 – All out)

REST 5:00 – Move, Stretch, Mobilize

PM 90 minute cycling (I don’t go into this much, I follow TrainerRoad.  Check it out if you have the gear.  Im in the base phase.  If you want more information hit me up).


Currently Reading: Periodization for Sports by Tudor Bompa and Carlo A. Buzzichelli

Listening: Woe is Me – [&] Delinquents

Feeling: It’s Monday – Start the week off Right

Coffee: Im out of good stuff, trying this “Single Origin” Sumatra from ..meh… Starbucks

Supplements: Alpha Brain and Total Primate Care – ONNIT

Recovery – Progenex (Belgium Chocolate)

Super Antioxidant – Hammer Nutrition

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