Destroy Everything

I need this today.  I am absolutely fed up with our current administration.  I don’t really get in to politics often, because I think politicians are the new form of organized crime.

Detective investigating the crime scene
Better come correct with your W-2!

Earlier this morning I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast.  The guest of this show was Jocko Willink who recently coauthored a New York Times best seller titled, “Extreme Ownership”.  I got turned on to this book by following Mike Bledsoe from Barbell Shrugged on Twitter as he claimed it was the best book on leadership he’s ever read.  Nevertheless, it’s on the Christmas list.

I got pretty fired up listening to the podcast as they brought up two points that I completely agree with.  One I looked up to quote is that the president literally said, “What I’m not interested in doing is posing or pursuing some notion of American leadership or America winning”.

They extrapolate the topic much better than I can in a quick blog post, but is the public opinion that we should take a step back in our position as the world’s leading super power?  Has the idea of being in a leadership position become a negative thing?  If you think that America shouldn’t have a say so in what is going on in the world, let me tell you this – If we don’t someone else will.  Does anyone remember how many years after September 11th we spent talking about “the warning signs”?  Where were the warning signs?  “We ignored the warning signs!” was a huge critique to the Bush administration.

We are watching the “warning signs” every single day.  These might just be a tad more subtle.. I don’t know… little hints like “We are coming to kill you and all of your families” or “What happened in Paris will happen in American very soon”.  What more needs to happen before we finally say that we are done with this side show and we need to stomp this out.  Is the current death toll not high enough? Fourteen murdered wasn’t big enough for us to do anything but clearly show the people of this country what each news station HOPED the motive would be.

Another point they brought out was the POTUS saying (just after the planned parenthood attack) “Things like this don’t happen in other countries”.  Are you fucking serious?  You do realize that Paris was attacked like twenty-six minutes ago right?  He was saying that in an effort to preach more about gun control – You know, so we cannot even protect our own homes.

We are literally sitting and waiting for an attack big enough to warrant severe military action.  We have become so soft as a nation that it is sickening.

I have been going back and fourth to Iraq and Afghanistan my entire adult life.  At first, I will be honest when I say it was a bit difficult to go to war, then come home, see my friends from high school, and watch how they literally lived their lives like absolutely nothing was going on.  I mean after all, it did not effect them one bit.  I quickly got over this as I honestly don’t want this country to go into “war-mode” like World War II.  I volunteered and they didn’t, it’s really that simple.


girls drinking in a club
Midterms are the worst!!!

I’d encourage you to check out the Jocko Willink episode of the Joe Rogan podcast below:

Rant – Over.  


So I started my explanation series Thursday.  I did not post yesterday because sometimes I have a life.  I will continue this for a few days, then roll it up into a standalone post with references to the days for explanations.

Work: Endurance

Run for 60 minutes.  Keep heart rate in Zone 1.  —  Explanation: To begin, what I am posting as “the training session” is what is best suited for me.  If the work posted looks doable, go for it.  If it looks easy, or is a lighter weight than you want – then tailor it to you.  If you do not think you can run continuously for 60 minutes while keeping your heart rate in that zone, then I want you to change the mode – not the time.

As I previously stated we are at the beginning of a transition period.  This is about eight weeks of getting your body ready for the Base phase of the training cycle.

So – again, change the mode not the time.  That means that you need to do something that will naturally come easier to your body (because we are targeting Heart Rate and duration).  So if that means getting on a stationary bike, an elliptical (yes I said you can get on an elliptical), swimming, rowing, stair climber etc.  What is important is keeping the same locomotion (not switching to different machines every 10 minutes).

Man and woman using ellipitical machines
What does a guy gotta do to get some roofies around here?!

So, to recap you are doing “cardio” for one hour.  DO NOT do intervals or start pumping up the pace because you are bored… etc.  The only variables you are allowed in this workout are the mode and the duration.  When I say duration I mean, by all means go longer than an hour.  An hour is the minimum. Do not worry about speed, distance, calories, etc.  Heart Rate and Duration!! 

Remember, this is all a part of a much bigger picture.  You are not doing it better by going harder.  We are preparing you to prepare.  That is this phase in other terms.  We are fiddling with your aerobic engine.  We have plenty in store for it, but right now we are just activating it – that is all.

If you are wondering why I am so adamant about this – it is because I have trained others and trained with others.  I took an awesome group of guys through a long training cycle in 2012.  When we did simple aerobic efforts like this, it quickly turned into some type of competition no matter how much I stomped this to death.

The current fitness craze has everyone feeling like they haven’t gotten a good workout in unless they are literally on the ground rolling in their sweat and agony.  That has a time and a place, but it is not the pre-requisite for having a meaningful training session.

Consider this good mental training as well.  You will no doubt be tempted to pick up the pace, start doing intervals, anything and everything to stave off the boredom that comes with this type of effort.  Trust me it is boring.  To do this workout in the best manner, do everything you can to keep your heart rate in the correct zone (Zone 1).

Here is a link to GET YOU STARTED on understanding Hear Rate Zones Hear Rate Zone (basic).  I cannot reiterate enough that this is just a start.  If you don’t know your Max heart rate, a general guideline is 220 minus your age.  Please remember that – that is a general guideline.  It is like an equation that would be on a basic exercise physiology test… and I do mean basic.  Everyone is different and to truly get your Max, there is a difficult way to determine that.  For our purposes, at this point in the training cycle  just go with your age (32) subtracted from 220.  I know the chart says Zone 1 is “Recovery”… pay no mind.

1 hour (minimum), doing your aerobic exercise of choice, keeping and sustaining your heart rate in Zone 1

Do I need to say more?

—–My life—–

Currently Reading: Periodization for Sports by Tudor Bompa and Carlo A. Buzzichelli

Listening: Blistered by Strife

Feeling: Obviously pissed off

Coffee: Murdered out by Black Rifle Coffee Company

Supplements:  Alpha Brain and Total Primate Care – ONNIT

Recovery – Progenex (Belgium Chocolate)

Super Antioxidant – Hammer Nutrition


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