The days you’ve come to fear

Warm-up: Jump Rope for 10 Minutes
Body weight progression: 100 total reps of each movement:
Strict Pull ups

**Note: Vary the type of each movement daily i.e.
Pull-Ups: Ring Pull-ups, Wide Grip/Close Grip, Towel, Rope etc
Push-Ups: Ring Push-ups, Wide/Medium/Diamond, Elevated, Parrallete, Handstand
Sit-ups: Ab-Mat Sit-ups, GHD, Anchored/Unanchored
Squats: Overhead Squats (PVC/Empty Barbell), Bodyweight, Wall-Squats, Light-weight Front, Back, High bar/Low Bar

Work: Stamina

1. Every minute on the minute for 20:00
5 x Burpee Pull-ups

5:00 Rest

2. 3 Sets (not timed or fast)
15 x Hip Extensions
15 x Overhead Squats (65#)
15 x Strict Knees to Elbows


10 Minute Jump Rope, Stretch, Mobilize

Trainer Road workout, Mobility

Currently Reading: The Outdoor Athlete Total Training for Outdoor Performance by Steve Ilg

Listening:Breathe Carolina; “Sellouts”

Feeling: Trying to build motivation


Total Primate Care – ONNIT
Alpha Brain – ONNIT
Recovery – Progenex

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