Mouth Breather

Warm-up: Jump Rope for 10 Minutes
Road Work: 20 minutes : Zone 1 HR/ RPE 3
Body weight progression: 100 total reps of each movement:
Strict Pull ups

**Note: Vary the type of each movement daily i.e.
Pull-Ups: Ring Pull-ups, Wide Grip/Close Grip, Towel, Rope etc
Push-Ups: Ring Push-ups, Wide/Medium/Diamond, Elevated, Parrallete, Handstand
Sit-ups: Ab-Mat Sit-ups, GHD, Anchored/Unanchored
Squats: Overhead Squats (PVC/Empty Barbell), Bodyweight, Wall-Squats, Light-weight Front, Back, High bar/Low Bar


        1. Find 1RM Pull-up (weighted)
        2. 4 Sets of 1 Rep Pull up @1rm 3 minutes Rest
        3. Find 5rm DL
        4. 3 Sets of 5 DL @ 5rm 2 minutes Rest
        5. 2 sets of 8 Rounds 0:20 on/0:10 off Row 2:00 Rest

Cool Down: Light Jump Rope, Deliberate Squat Therapy(Wall Squats), Stretching, Mobility work (Foam Roll back, Lacrosse ball Scapula, bottoms of feet, Shins, Calves, Quads, hamstrings, IT band)

30 Minute Cycle at Recovery Pace

Currently Reading: The Outdoor Athlete Total Training for Outdoor Performance by Steve Ilg (This is OG material right here, 1987 in the house)

Listening: Song: Aversion Set (Danny from CrossFit Soul)  Listen to Danny’s interview on BBS, it is phenomenal

Feeling: If you are not tuned in with ET the Hiphoppreacher, your life is lacking – Thank God its Monday! I’m Allergic to average


Super Antioxidant from Hammer Nutrition (Post Workout)

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