Tear it down

First off, for all the guys who are more motivated by seeing a hot chick; or the women who want to be motivated by pictures of chicks – I am an equal Opportunity type of guy.. so here you go:

woman back
My wife doesn’t read my posts anyway

Like I said last night, Im changing things up in my workouts.  Im not making the progress that I really desire.  The areas I had been focusing on for awhile now have been good, but I’ve definitely hit a plateau in my lifts.  To me, that is fine.  I don’t have a desire at the moment to compete in “fitness” and am definitely not where I want to be in body composition.  That has a lot to do with whats on my plate, but also is reflected in training type, quantity, and intensity.

I am doing some old school linear periodization (progressively increasing the distance, duration, and or intensity) on my runs, on the bike, and with body weight exercises (Pull-ups, Push-ups, Squats, and sit-ups).  Im adding a lot of jump rope work in.  The jump rope is an awesome method for conditioning, timing, and accuracy.  It also is an excellent tool for running form.  It shows you the best method for foot landing and leg positioning.

As far as main effort work I will still be doing a lot of circuit work, Strength work will still be involved but will not be a large focus.  I will have about one heavy session a week.

Everyday I will be doing a second effort.  The second effort will be on my trainer (Bike in the TFI Office).  I will either be doing an active recovery ride or on Tuesdays and Thursdays the second effort will be a TrainerRoad workout.  Saturday and Sunday will almost solely be dedicated to cycling with the exception of doing some bodyweight work, possibly some more running and jump rope work.

I have a seven week program laid out.  If anyone is interested in the whole plan just hit me up as I said before and I will send you the program in a word document.


Warm-up: Jump Rope for 10 Minutes
Road Work: 2 Mile Run RPE: 3-4
Body weight progression: 50 total reps of each movement:
Strict Pull ups

**Note: Vary the type of each movement daily i.e.
Pull-Ups: Ring Pull-ups, Wide Grip/Close Grip, Towel, Rope etc
Push-Ups: Ring Push-ups, Wide/Medium/Diamond, Elevated, Parrallete, Handstand
Sit-ups: Ab-Mat Sit-ups, GHD, Anchored/Unanchored
Squats: Overhead Squats (PVC/Empty Barbell), Bodyweight, Wall-Squats, Light-weight Front, Back, High bar/Low Bar

Main Effort Circuits:

  1. 5 Rounds with 1:00 of each movement (Record Reps/meters)
    Bench Press 65#
    WallBall 20#
    Deadlift 85#
  2. Tabata (0:20 on / 0:10 seconds off)
    2:00 Rest
    2:00 Rest

Cool Down: Light Jump Rope, Deliberate Squat Therapy, Stretching, Mobility work (Foam Roll back, Lacrosse ball Scapula, bottoms of feet, Shins, Calves, Quads, hamstrings, IT band)

30 Minute Cycle at Recovery Pace

Currently Reading: Man’s search for meaning by Victor Frankl

Listening: Song: Hook, Line & Sinner – Artist: Texas in July – Album: Salt of the Earth EP

Feeling: Thank God its Mondayyyy!


Total Primate Care – ONNIT (Day 10 out of 15)
Recovery – Progenex
Coffee – Blacklist, Caveman Coffee (AeroPress)
**Dropped the Creatine**

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