PTSD, Butterflys, and “Not Organic, but better – Milk” with Jon Jackson

We had the privilege of sitting down and having some good conversation with former Army Ranger and STAG VETS President, Jon Jackson.  In this episode you get to hear a lot about Jon from his life before, during, and after his time in the military.  We discuss his new venture; STAG VETS and the impact it’s making on not only veterans, but everyone.  You’ll get a chance to hear about how a 501 (c) (3) organization will eventually become a self sustaining business that does nothing but support veterans without further donation.  We get his insight on leadership, the Army, PTSD and suicide, and MILK.  Jon has some interesting proprietary processing that will bring quality milk to those who can afford it with EBT cards.

You will also get some insight on Butterflies… this is something you DONT want to miss.

Right now were bringing this to you on the site as were still working with Libsyn and iTunes so you can download or stream from any platform.  If you’re on a drive and have the ability, come to our site on your browser and hit play.

Were giving you a fly on the wall’s position to hear about a great American who’s done a lot for his country in the service, and who is continuing to carry that flag now as a civilian.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the show so we can continue to improve and bring you quality episodes.

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