Kicking it Old School

This is a combination post of the Weekly Roll-up and talking about changes that are taking place.

So this week was our first week of actually doing things.  When I say our, I mean mine.  Matt is busy owning a huge DoD Contracting firm.  You can check that out just by googling his name.  Its a pretty big deal.

Monday we had a great talk with STAG Vets founder, Jon Jackson.  I am still working the final details on getting that to the masses in the morning.  So yeah, I know all five of you are just jumping out of your pants in excitement.

I also started posting daily workouts this week, which I think is cool to an extent, but it’s nothing really new.  I am not sure if it is brilliant or annoying that the big sites just post the workout – that day – but I do know that it is beneficial for the actual gym.  If the gym posts it’s monthly program, people won’t show up on days they know that something is going down that they aren’t too thrilled about.  Online… Well I think it just generates daily views to be honest.  I know originally this strategy had a lot of people arguing that CrossFit was not programmed at all and that it was just completely random everyday.  I say originally, but I’m talking about like 2007.  I thought it was getting big then… little did I know.

I am going to keep posting workouts everyday, but you are going to see a big difference in what is going on.  I am dialing it back big time on Strength work, and putting a big focus on body weight and so called Power Endurance.  There will be A LOT of running and the Running will be periodized in a linear fashion.  There will be a lot of Jump Rope work, Pull-ups, Push Ups, Sit-ups, Squats and intervals on the Rower, Airdyne, and SkiErg.  If anyone is actually interested in the 7 week layout, just hit me up or comment below and I can send you the word document.  Honestly, (especially since Im telling you what I’m doing that day) posting the workout is more for me.  It is a part of my morning routine… which if you don’t establish routines in your life, I don’t know how you live.  Your brain is so much happier with doing things routinely.  I learned this with a TBI (I forget what she was called.. but it was for TBI.. this isn’t a TBI joke)  TBI for those of you who don’t know is Traumatic Brain Injury.  I’ve been blown up a fair share so my memory is shotty at times.  ANYWAY, by doing routines consistently it helps your brain not have to work as hard.  If you’re saying, “but Rob I like to work my brain hard”.. good point.  Routines help your brain work less so that when you want to really use your brain it is more refreshed.  I am not sure about you but the last quarter of my military career I would come home smoked and it wasn’t physically at all.  It was mentally, and it sucked.  This is why I HAVE to get my main workouts in – in the mañana.  I get so into things throughout the day that by the end of the day, my brain is so smoked – the discipline required to self motivate is often difficult.

Anyway, we have Thanksgiving this week and I’m heading out of town, so I will definitely be working on my phone or iPad. This site is new.  It is going to be constantly changing and constantly looking to improve.  Im trying to have certain categories for certain days.  This week I honestly posted our Thirsty Thursday post on Wednesday.. because I thought it was Thursday. Yuuuup.

I’d love to start seeing feedback.  I have a number of contributors on the hang and were working on more guests for the podcasts.  Im learning as I’m going with it.  I am a ground pounder and working the technical realm isn’t necessarily my strong suit.  I’m looking forward to a new logo by the end of the coming week.  Keep checking the site as time goes on, as a matter of fact go ahead and bookmark our site on the top of your browser so it’s right there.  A lot of new stuff on the way.

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