Whats up with the workouts

As you have probably noticed I publish a daily workout. This is to show the work I am putting in each day. Is it a recommendation to you? Not exactly.

For us training is a way of life. Our jobs mandated that we be in shape to tackle any task that was thrown at us. Being physically prepared for combat was the number one reason to stay in shape. The byproduct of this is and will always be a better attitude, a better outlook on life, and overall a better sense of mental clarity. This, to others means having a better teammate, coworker, husband, father, business man etc. There is a special flavor to those who take their physical preparation seriously. They walk, talk, and act differently than those who do not. They are prepared to handle life’s stressors with more ease and tackle bigger obstacles in life.

Training for me has been the one thing I could carry from my twelve years in the Special Operations community that would tame the fire inside (the internal flame). I post my workouts because I love programming and simply want to share. There are things I do similarly to the big fitness companies of now (CrossFit, Gym Jones, Military Athlete, Mountain Athlete, etc.) I am a certified CrossFit level I trainer but I do not prescribe CrossFit workouts, I am not affiliated with CrossFit, and I do not train others in CrossFit at the moment. I am also a certified CrossFit Endurance coach, which is a methodology I have learned a lot from and derive a lot of thoughts from, but also do not work in that capacity. I say this not just because legally I must, but also I do something that really is not incorporated in CrossFit or any of the gyms I previously mentioned. Specifically, I program and follow a specific Rate of perceived Exertion (RPE) level for every effort in training that is done. This is something I will expound upon in my next post but I believe in it and I believe it is important enough to go deeply into and be a crucial part of the programming. I will end it there.

If you want to know more about the training I do and publish, please ask! I’d be more than happy to discuss.

I train in a specific location in Navarre Florida. It is not open to the public and we have a similar fight club mentality about it. Not all are invited and not all who are, are asked to stay. People who frequent us embody what we strive for as a community.

Training is the only thing I have found that can temporarily quench the thirst of hunting men, of addiction, of mental anguish, depression, if you need to get out of your head…go to a place that will always tell you the truth.

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