Thirsty Thursday: Caveman Coffee

Coffee is pretty near and dear to my heart.  I went years without regularly drinking coffee, well into my twenties.  I can’t even remember a deployment I went on where I regularly drank coffee, let alone to a connoisseur’s stand point.  I did however stop drinking coffee with sugar and creamer probably about close to ten years ago.  I just made a “health” decision one day to stop using it.  This enabled me to stop drinking it within the second of tasting the sugar in my mouth.  I have definitely acquired the taste for coffee without any additives whatsoever.  This was never a “tough guy” decision, like… “I smoke marlboro Reds.. Im a badass” type of thing, although some perceive black coffee as a tough man or woman’s type of thing.  Not that.

Last year, around this time I got into Bulletproof Coffee.  I had a have had a Vitamix since 2010, so I figured when it came to blending properly, “I was qualified”.  So after brewing Bulletproof coffee I would blend it with KerryGold Grassfed butter (they say go unsalted, but I did both and actually like salted), and their brand of MCT oil (you could probably get the same benefit with your grocery store coconut oil), and I would also add in cacao butter.  Cacao butter in coffee is phenomenal…and thats all that needs to be said about that.

So fast forward about six to eight months and I started hearing about Caveman Coffee just by being a CrossFit internet junkie and seeing this episode of Barbell Shrugged with Brian Mackenzie .  I admire and respect both Brian Mackenzie and Barbell Shrugged for multiple reasons, but lets just say the product placement in this show, along with Mike Bledsoe’s recommendations brought me to the point where I purchased two bags of the….pretty expensive.. Caveman Coffee.

I bought a bag of White Gold and Blacklisted, each around 20.00 (depending on where you buy yours.  I bought mine from Amazon and it was a bit more, but I shelled the few extra dollars for dependable shipping).



A big thing in the coffee world nowadays is coffee being “single origin”.  This means that all of the beans in the bag that you bought come from a single location.  Now this is a little bit of buyer beware, but you should know that single origin can be large or small.  It can (sometimes) mean the same country or region or it can be as specific as a single farm or grower/distributor.  In the case of coffee, the more specific the origin, generally the better (or worse and now you know who to avoid).

With most single origin coffees you should, upon some inspection see that the beans are all generally the same shape and size… generally.  Do not take this so literal as to see some off shaped beans and decide to raise hell in your local coffee shop (or do and please do it loud enough to make the news).

These beans aint the same pookie

So, as I said I ordered them from amazon and received my package.  The only other single origin coffee I really had before was Bulletproof Brand which, now that I know more than the usual consumer about… I’ll just talk about that another time.

Back to Caveman.. The packages actually look like the packages of Progenex protein powder I have, only smaller in size.  Cool packaging if I do say so myself.  It doesn’t look like coffee, and I honestly have both packages on top of my refrigerator next to my protein powder (because after all I buy these brands mostly for decoration and recognition right?).

Now I know what your saying… His website is so big and popular, Caveman Coffee probably shelled out a bunch of free stuff to him so he could give them a good review.  No.  I bought this with my credit card, which I am constantly doing chest compressions on to get it to stay alive.

I now brew my coffee with an Aeropress, which you will see they sell on the Caveman Coffee website  This makes good coffee, and I’ll do a gear review of it for you soon.

I first tried the White Gold.  My first instinct was thinking that I must be normally drinking very strong coffee, because White Gold is not strong black coffee….just in case the name and packaging didn’t already give you that hint.  I still however like the taste a lot.  The beans are very light in color, not necessarily “almost white” but a very very light brown.  It lives up to its advertisement in the taste category (light, creamy, and nutty).

White Gold is also advertised as having “the added benefit of chlorogenic acid, characteristic of green coffee, which includes anti-inflammatory properties as well as promoting fat loss by regulating the glucose levels in your system”.

I cannot obviously make any determinations as to the validity of this statement as simply being a consumer who spent a bunch of cash on coffee on Amazon.  I have only had white gold a few times because I have almost semi-attached myself to blacklisted.

Overall, I give this coffee a consumer and coffee fan’s thumbs up.  If you like the lighter roasts of coffee this is definitely for you.  If you like darker roasts, then this might be a nice change of pace every once and awhile.  The last time I brewed this I used the inverted Aeropress method and let it brew for almost ten minutes (trying to get as much out of these beans as possible).  I would also recommend (with most coffees and an Aeropress) a very fine grind.. almost an espresso grind but just a bit less fine.

Now on to Blacklisted.  Im trying to be open minded and a bit critical but I’m terrible at that if I love something.  Im terrible at buying homes or cars.. or resisting the dead sea chicks at the mall.  If I even remotely like something… Im ALL ABOUT IT.  The house I own, literally was the first house I was shown…. but in this case I have drank a lot of different coffees so I do feel somewhat qualified to give some good or bad advice. For example, Starbucks who can’t really operate at life very well.. does in fact have a single origin Guatemala and Sumatra coffee that I both own.  They suck compared to Caveman Coffee, and I am being open minded because someones politics do not judge my tastebuds.  I’ve had my share of tea and coffee with known and prominent Taliban members, face to face, and I was all smiles baby….No exaggeration.

Blacklisted is awesome, but I wouldn’t do it justice by just saying I enjoy it a lot.  The taste is good but not what you would expect.  It is not a dark roast (I didn’t read too much about it beforehand).  It is actually somewhat of a mixture and comes out like a medium roast coffee.  The beans are not extremely light or dark.  It just comes out nice.  It claims a “woodsy/grassy” sense, but I have been throwing back some Yerba Mate daily and that tastes like grass brewed in a lot of grass, so I cannot make that determination.  I have been drinking blacklisted everyday for the past few days now.

Finally, as far as coffee and music goes.. Blacklisted goes well with our “theme song” (approved by the Band In Fear and Faith) There be pirates among these seas.  Take two sips, the click play-

To be honest these are some of the best coffees I’ve ever had but I am not sure if the price point is sustainable.  That is honestly my biggest drawback from getting on a subscription plan with them etc.

If you have disposable income and don’t want to give it to me, try Caveman Coffee.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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