Strength November 17th, 2015


General Warm-up: 1 Mile Run

Specific Warm-up: Burgener Warm-up, Work up to 1RM Clean (Full Squat not Power)

Work: 1. 6x @ 85%RPE (Timed)
5x Clean @ 75% of (Today’s) 1RM
10x Ring Push-ups
10x Step-up (onto 24″ box) with 70lbs KB

2. 4x 250m Row @ 100%RPE (Each Timed) 3:00 Rest
3. 4x 100m Run @ 100%RPE (Each Timed) 3:00 Rest

Cool Down: 2x @ 60%RPE (Timed, but not “for time”) 5x GHD Sit-ups, 5x Hip Extensions, 5x Pull-ups

Currently Reading: The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes; As a man Thinketh by James Allen

Listening: Song: Hair Trigger ; Artist: Protest the Hero ; Album: Scurrilous

Feeling: Slept Well last night, I’m a bit dehydrated and have been eating terribly lately (New idea to log/plan). Completed about 90% of the editing for our first podcast episode. Still cannot report anything different while on total Primate Care (No memorable lucid dream last night).

Mobility: Roll Hamstrings, VooDoo Floss Knees, Roll Lower-Back


Total Primate Care – ONNIT (Day four out of 15 – See above about last night’s sleep)
Fish Oil – Pure Pharma
Vitamin D – Pure Pharma
Magnesium – Pure Pharma
Recovery – Progenex
More Muscle – Progrenex
Coffee – Blacklist Caveman Coffee (AeroPress)
Yerba Mate (with Asian Rock sugar and squeezed Tangerine or lemon juice)
Green Magnitude – Controlled Labs (Creatine)

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