Endurance November 17th, 2015


General Warm-up: 5:00 @ 70% Row / 5:00 @ 70% Ski-Erg / 5:00 @ 70% Airdyne / 5:00 @ 70% Run

Specific Warm-up: 10x Pull-ups, 5x HSPU, 10x Sit-ups, 10x OHS, 10x Good Morning, 50 DU’s

Work: 1 Hour Ride on the Trainer (“8 Minute Test” done through Trainer Road. A 1 hour effort with two 8 Minute Intervals. Each 8 minute effort is done “All out” but is designed to see theoretically how fast you can ride for one hour. Your Functioning Threshold Power (FTP) is determined by averaging the two 8 minute efforts. All other cycling programming through Trainer Road is based off of your FTP).

Currently Reading: The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes; As a man Thinketh by James Allen

Listening: Song: …and May His Enemies Be Scattered; Artist: In Irons; Album: Heartbeat of the times

Feeling: Waking up.. Had difficult sleep the last two nights. Last night I had the deepest sleep I have had in years. My dream was so lucid and real that it took a good 20 minutes just to shake off today and realize that it wasn’t real. Im not sure if that has to do with the Primate Care or not.. well continue to see. Im not really noticing any differences during the day.

Mobility: Banded Ankle and wrist Distraction, Battlestar on back, Quads, Hamstrings, and IT band, finally spending a lot of time digging into the calves


Total Primate Care – ONNIT (Day three out of 15 – See above about last night’s sleep)
Fish Oil – Pure Pharma
Vitamin D – Pure Pharma
Magnesium – Pure Pharma
Recovery – Progenex
More Muscle – Progrenex
Coffee – Blacklist Caveman Coffee (AeroPress)
Yerba Mate (with honey and squeezed Tangerine juice)

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