Strength: November 14th, 2015


General Warm-up: One Mile Run (Never for time)

Specific Warm-up: Work up to TODAY’s 1rm Push Press (Do Strict Shoulder Presses until you get to a weight where the Push Press is necessary)  Rob: 205#  Erich: 205#

  1. 6×2 @ 80% 1rm (Todays) Push Press / 2 Minutes Rest
  2. 1 – 4 – 1 Strict Pull up / Parrallelette Deficit Push-up
  3. Three Rounds (Not for Time):

10x 95# Deficit Stiff Legged Deadlifts (off of 45# Bumper Plates),  10x GHD Sit-up, 10x High Bar Back Squat @ 135#

Currently Reading: The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Listening: Song: Gone Fishing. See You In a Year; Artist: Gwen Stacy; Album: The Life I know

Feeling: Ready to start Counting Dead bodies like sheep to the Rhythm of a war drum after everything happening in Paris!! Here I am, Send me! Motivated!

Mobility: Couch Stretch, Lacrosse Ball all along Scapula(s)


Total Primate Care – ONNIT (Day one of 15)
Fish Oil – Pure Pharma
Vitamin D – Pure Pharma
Magnesium – Pure Pharma
Recovery – Progenex
More Muscle – Progrenex
Coffee – BulletProof Coffee (AeroPress)
Green Magnitude (Creatine) – Controlled Labs

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