Stuff in the Basement

This starts now.  I have nothing left to hide behind.  I have to move forward and to be honest it’s the best idea I think I’ve ever had.  My whole life has been fueled by something deep down that is almost impossible to explain.  I think the best way to creatively display this drive will be through our work here and through you.  I know I’m not the only one with this feeling.  I wake up every day wanting more.

There is a part in the movie Rocky Balboa that I believe really shows how I feel and why I do a lot of the things I do, it’s called Stuff in the basement.  Nothing can explain that beast inside.  I don’t associate with people who don’t know this feeling.  Sometimes you have to search for it in them, but when you open it up it’s like a bomb goes off.  This beast can build you up or tear you down.  YOU HAVE TO DECIDE what to do with it.

Anyone can preach all day about what someone should and shouldn’t do.  You don’t carry their baggage though, you never will.  Everyone has demons and this is a place we are cultivating to guide those demons, not tame them.  We are not here to tame anyone, let me make that abundantly clear.  We are not a 12 step program and we are not the light that will calm you down, put you in a nice white collared shirt and send you down the road on a bike.

There are too many examples of people who have risen up out of their situation with determination, faith, a positive mental attitude, and grit. If you are someone who constantly feels sorry for themselves or you believe you are always the victim, this is not the place for you.  If you turn on the news and see that ISIS has taken over another city, town, district, province and all you want to do is grab your gear and go, you have found a home.  This doesn’t have to be taken literally.  We are not here just for the war fighter, but we are here for the fighter – inside.  If that doesn’t make sense then you will have a hard time tracking.

If life has beat you down and you are searching for your way out, stick around, but let me be clear – no one is going to do the work for you.

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